Japanese Curry of Goya(bitter gourd) and Eggplants, September





Bitter Gourd   2
Eggplants       2-3
Mild curry roux (sweet apple style paste)


1)  Cut vegetables and bring them to stew about 30min.
Especially for prepare of  gourd of bitter taste, you sprinkle salts on the cut gourd and leave them still for 10min. and  off the salt with water and wring dry .

2)  Recommend to use Kombu soaked dashi of 800ml to stew the cut vegetables.


3)  Use the mild curry roux such as sweet apple style curry this time and add the roux paste into the vegetable soup stock and stir slowly to mix. It takes about 20min.


4)  Egg york and soy sause are also added to increase the smoothness of the curry when eats.