Asian-style tomato pickles, August

Healthy, delicious and super easy to make eats!

Tomatoes pickled in namplar and lemon



4 tomatoes
Namplar  50g
Lemon juice  20g
Sugar 25g
Peppers 3g
Garlic 3g
Coriander 3g
The whole weight should be diluted three fold with water.


On the bottom of tomatoes, make a small X-shaped insertion with the tip of a knife.
Sear for 30-60 seconds till “X” mark begining to peel.



Pierce the outer layer with the tip of the knife and lift. The skin will glide right off.
Put tomatoes, namplar,  lemon juice,  sugar,  pepper,  and garlic as shown in a ziplock and fill the ziplock with water of three fold increase to dilute.



Place them in the fridge for 3-4 days
Top off with anything like a bowlfull of coriander.


Bess is back by the name of PINATA.




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