Juicy Teriyaki Daikon and Daikon Namul (Seasoned daikon)

Sowing seeds of daikon radish on March came to pick up now. Using the small and bit peppery Spring daikon, we cook 2 course today.

A. Juicy Teriyaki Daikon



Peel and cut daikon into a inch slices.



Bring water to boil and cook the daikon with dashikonbu until softened.



Pour mentuyu (noodle soup base, 30g), oyster sauce (20g), sugar (10g) into a pan and boil it to make teriyaki sauce.
Add cooked daikon into the pan and coat well with the teriyaki sauce.



☆Cooked daikon in dashi soup can be fridged a few days.


B. Daikon Namul



Peel and rough shred daikon.



Heat plenty amount of sesame oil and add the shureded daikon in a pan。
Cover the pan and cook them on row heat until softened.



Mix a small amout of soy sauce, sesame and the cooked daikon.

Nakamichi cafe offers mom’s homemade taste plates mainly using lots of  Kunitachi vegetables and fruits.

Nakamichi Cafe

4-12-11, Fujimidai, Kunitachi, Tokyo
Opening hours: 11:30-22:30 (Sunday till 20:30)
Closed Wednesdays and during the New Year holidays