Bess’ Kiwi Sandwich for October

The Kiwi farm in Kunitachi grows every sorts of kiwifruits. Above all else, the ENZA Red kiwi fruit tastes super.


Red kiwifruits
Square Japanese styled bread
Whipping cream



Put whipping cream and mascarpone and sugar in a bowl and mix.


Spread whipped cream on one side of the bread.
Place peeled kiwifruit diagonally on the whipped cream as you see below.



Place the second slice of bread over to close sandwich.
Cut in half after wrapping the sandwich to refrigerate 1-2 hours.



The Sawanobori Kiwifruits Farm is The first penguin in kiwi field in Japan. Haruo Sawanobori was asked to make a platform as a shining model of wild grapes farm in Tokyo for rise in food production after the big war and establish “aguriculture and technology research institute (農業科学化研究所)” in Kunitachi. He dedicated his time to research in growing wild grapes  and developing core personnel.

He was also well-known as the first cultivated kiwi fruit in Japan. The annual a month picking season comes in the middle of October to November. The farm welcomes to be open 10:00 to 16:00 everyday during the season.

Just remember that you have to wait for ripes 2 weeks after picking.


Sawanobori kiwifruit farm

2-29-60, Nishi, Kunitachi, Tokyo
Open: The end of October to the middle of November
(until kiwi are picked all off the trees)

Kunitachikagen still delivers Read Aloud E-book on the Sawanobori Kiwi Farm interviewing the daughter of Haruo Sawanobori.

His words, “Learn from soil”is one of my favorite words.