Bess’ Yellow Corn Soup for July

Chilled Sweet Corn Soup


Finding irresistible sweet yellow corn this time of year,  what  do you cook?


1) Broil the whole corncobs in husk.  Broiling (grilling is much better) corn in husk gives the cobs a slightly smoky flavor.
2) Remove husks and cut kernels off from the browned cobs.
3) Stir in corn kernels and sliced onion, seasoning with salt.
4) Add water and the left cobs to a simmer  almost 30 min.
5) Discard cobs and bring mixture to a blender.
6) Add milk or soy milk to puree until smooth.
7) Put it in the fridge until cold.
8) Topping with fresh cream and parsley, enjoy the chilled soup on a hot day to cool you down.


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