Grilling Jacket Bamboo Shoots for April

It’s a season for delicious bamboo shoots. Fresh bamboo shoots are only available this season. Just dug-out can be eaten raw.


Bamboo shoots sprouted neibor’s gardens in Yabo also tell us a sign of spring greeting.


This is grilling jacket bamboo shoots in the oven and you can eat the white soft inside.
With butter and Japanese pepper Zanthoxylum piperitum, taste perfect !


Why don’t you come to Kunitachi next spring ! You can have fresh bamboo shoot treat anywhere in Yabo.

Nakamichi cafe offers mom’s homemade taste plates mainly using lots of  Kunitachi vegetables and fruits.

Nakamichi Cafe

4-12-11, Fujimidai, Kunitachi, Tokyo
Opening hours: 11:30-22:30 (Sunday till 20:30)
Closed Wednesdays and during the New Year holidays