Bess’ Norabona Salad for March

Norabona Salade Printanier



1) Add salt to boiled water to make greens much brighter.
2) Add norabona greens, followed by cooling them into cold water.
3) Repeat the same process for each vegetables as you choose.
4) Cut vegetables into small pieces to eat easier.
5) Mix cut vegitables with salt, walnut oil and chopped shallots.

Now is the best season for Norabona, vegetable hybrid of nappa cabbage and colza. they look like broccoli leafy greens and able to eat the immature stems with the buds, surely symbolizing Spring in the Tama region.
Said to be cold-hardy leafy greens enough to save tens of thousands in the time of prominent famine 200 years ago in the Edo period.

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