Yabo Veggie Cook starts.

The southern area of Kunitachi-city was a farming area in the past.  Over 100 farmers still remain to grow rice and Yabo veggies. In the district, an urbanization control area with independent houses and low-rise buildings lined up, vowing to keep the business small enough to commit to reduced chemical farming, some farmers produce fresh and safe veggies that can be eaten skin and all.  So, we are happy to introduce quick and easy cooking to use the fresh Yabo veggies the farmers grow using homemade compost fertilizers and minimal chemicals.

Just pickup fresh vegetables taste damn delicious, so minimal step cooks are the best to eat!!

Enjoy and be happy with Yabo veggie cook!

Tamachan’s well fermented kimchi using Yabo Japanese radish in season.

“Hi!  Young and soft Japanese radish leaves kimchi, free from additives becomes better to fry or to boil,  adding fish in season.  Hot noodles also go well  with the kimchi,”  comments Tamachan.