Still 10 Openings on May 15th (SUN)

昭和30年代の多摩川の静けさ    ©くにたち郷土文化館

Walking and talking and enjoying Gipsy Jazz in Kunitachi

You will miss a big oppotunity to learn a city life of Kunitachi, unless joining the event. With the help of tranlators,  You can walk around the southside of Kunitachi city , discovering a pleasant Tama riverside street up to the JR Yagawa and enjoy the storytelling of Kunitachi a hundred years before. You can also have fun of unique lunch dishes with Kunitachi vegitables (See the cafe video as below),  while listening  to Gipsy Jazz guitar play.


We will meet event participants  in front of JR Yagawa Station  at 10:00AM and dismiss around 1:30PM.




Please give us an e-mail message for participation in the name of May 15th: